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World’s Biggest Bee Rediscovered

Taken by kind permission from www.bumblebeeconservation.org. By Cathy Horsley, Bumblebee Conservation Trust Conservation Officer for the West Country Buzz project. An enormous bee with a 64 mm wing span that was thought to be extinct has been rediscovered this year. Wallace’s bee, Megachile pluto, was first known to science in 1859 when it was described by Alfred […]

Jewellery for June Birthdays

June babies can fall either under Cancer or Gemini, and their main birthstone isn't really a stone at all! What truly makes pearls unique is that they’re the only gemstone made by living creatures. Pearls are created inside molluscs when they deposit layers of calcium carbonate around a microscopic irritant. Freshwater pearls can take between 1 and 6 [...]

Jewellery for May Birthdays

May. That lovely time when Spring is well underway and you can feel the warmth of summer building. Everything is coming to life and the world is green. The traditional stone of May birthdays is Emerald, and it works for both a Taurus and Gemini. Did you know that the May birthstone, emerald, was one [...]

Hand Crafted Ear Wires

As is true for most professionals, I am always expanding and honing my skills. I am also always looking for ways to increase my services and your value for money! With that in mind, I am delighted to now be able to offer hand-crafted ear wires. Available in either 925 Sterling silver or 14ct filled [...]