Hand Crafted Ear Wires

As is true for most professionals, I am always expanding and honing my skills. I am also always looking for ways to increase my services and your value for money! With that in mind, I am delighted to now be able to offer hand-crafted ear wires.

Available in either 925 Sterling silver or 14ct filled Gold or Rose Gold wire, these wires are based on a classic French design which is sleek, lightweight and comfortable.

I tend to make the rounded swoop of my wires a little larger than the average shop bought ones, to ensure they sit comfortably around the earlobe. I find many ‘normal’ wires are too tight, and this forces the earring to sit at an unnatural angle. With my wires, the earring is designed to hang a fraction below the earlobe thus allowing the gemstones to dangle freely. Not only is this more comfortable for you to wear, but it also allows for maximum movement and sparkle!

Expect more elaborate designs to follow as I come up with new techniques and creations, but for now I hope you enjoy wearing your totally handmade earrings.

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