Jewellery for May Birthdays

May.  That lovely time when Spring is well underway and you can feel the warmth of summer building.  Everything is coming to life and the world is green.  The traditional stone of May birthdays is emerald, however there are also several choices in the world of gorgeous semi-precious gemstones, namely Agate.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

The lovely Green Agate is a strong stone to help you connect with the vibration of Mother Earth.  It is said to resonate with a lovely heart-based energy, and is particularly effective for those born under Gemini.

Agate is a May birthstone according to the Ayurvedic Birthstone list, which is from Ayurvedic Indian Medicine (a type of medicine used for over a thousand years.)  This is a wonderful stone to wear or to buy as a gift because the colour and cut choices are endless!  Agate is a form of Quartz, and the colourful bands that give the semi-precious stone its trademark bands are layers of deposits that develop on top of each other.  I use a lot of Agate in my jewellery because it is a very pretty stone and is so usable.

To stick to the emerald theme, why not try something like a calming Green Agate Aphrodite bracelet?  This bracelet is super pretty but also subtle enough for everyday wear, and there are even earrings to match.  Or for something more dramatic there is my Green and White Agate Catherine the Great necklace, which is a real statement piece and would make a meaningful gift!

green agate for May birthstone jewellery

Agate most certainly isn’t limited to green, it comes in just about every colour of the rainbow.  Simply type agate into the search bar at the top of your web page to see what amazing gems I have in stock, or if there is a particular colour you can search for that too.

Although each birthstone has different meaning, wearing a jewel with your own birthstone is said to help you experience a positive effect on your health, love life, happiness or personality.  Giving a jewel with a birthstone that belongs to the birth month of the receiver has symbolic value and is a very meaningful gesture.  Other gems for Gemini include Aquamarine and Chrysocolla, both of which I use in my jewellery.

Aquamarine is a very pale blue, paired in this bracelet with Opalite and Silver to very pretty effect.  You can find the bracelet by searching for aquamarine in the search box at the top of your screen.

Aquamarine is said to aid in communication and is helpful to use when you are going through times of emotional problems, including when you are experiencing loss and grief.

Chrysocolla is one of my favourite gemstones and is a vibrant deep green-blue colour.  It works beautifully with Mother of Pearl and subtle Swarovski Crystal in these Sterling Silver earrings:

Chrysocolla is said to be a strong healing stone, particularly for women; it is believed to help to heal the thymus gland and to aid healing of thyroid problems.  Wearing a Gemini birthstone that is made from this stone is highly beneficial, particularly if it is worn close to or at the throat, as having it in this area will create a stronger impact.  So why not give them my beautiful Chrysocolla, Swarovski and Mother of Pearl Necklace to go with those gorgeous earrings?

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Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

For those born under Taurus  there is still time to buy, and if emeralds aren’t in your budget or green isn’t a favoured colour, how about the eternally pretty Rose Quartz?  This stone is utterly feminine and its energy is about the vibration of ‘love’, not only on the physical level but on the emotional and spiritual level, bringing the energies of the body into harmony with the vibration of love and compassion.  That aside, it’s just so pretty!

If you love those, here are the links to buy them, and don’t forget I aim to post by the next working day so there’s still time to get a birthday present for the Taurus in your life!

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Best wishes from the Queen Bee x

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