Request: Matching Set in Chrysocolla and Austrian Crystal

My favourite gemstone! Chrysocolla is a gorgeous bluey-green which varies stone to stone and always reminds me of the sea. It’s often mistaken for Turquoise or Malachite, and like Malachite it’s near found near copper deposits, which is responsible for its glorious colour.

Chrysocolla is associated with peace and tranquility and is said to foster creativity, and is a lovely stone to work with.

My customer did not come to buy, but rather just to introduce visiting family to my jewellery. It’s always a thrill when people think it lovely enough to recommend to others! Her eye was caught by my Emmeline Pankhurst range of necklaces, which is a whole string of Austrian crystals that features a central length of carefully chosen gemstones. She too fell in love with the Chrysocolla, and requested I make an Emmeline necklace with matching earrings for her.

Update! Available Now!

This necklace was so beautiful that I decided to make it available! You can purchase one for yourself and enjoy this stunning greeny blue gem paired with twinkling crystal and bright Sterling silver.

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