The Photo Shoot

The 13th of October turned out to be the perfect day for a photo shoot! One might assume it to be chilly or dull, but it was a gorgeous Autumn day in the south of France, bright and sunny, and warm enough for my ladies to be outside without turning blue!

I had lots of images of my jewellery, but I really wanted some ‘lifestyle’ shots to show it off to its best. A bracelet on its own may be pretty, but pop it on a wonderful woman and suddenly it becomes stunningly beautiful.

Being new to the area I didn’t know lots of people, so I put a request out on a local Facebook group asking for ladies of all ages and backgrounds to take part in a photo shoot. I hadn’t expected much of a response because I was unable to pay them anything more than wine and cake, however there was a flurry of interest! Naturally quite a few didn’t turn up, but those who did were absolutely wonderful company and some I am glad to call friend now.

I’d anticipated 2 hours for some quick photos but it turned into the majority of a day, and did we have a giggle! The ladies were all very good sports, and seemed to very much enjoy having free reign to rummage through my collections and wear whichever they wanted. You’ll see their photos adorning my website, but I felt the episode demanded a blog post of it’s own. So here is a selection of my favourites from the day. Thank you ladies for bringing my jewellery to life!

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