Event:Christmas Market at Antin

In November 2018 we headed to Jardin d’Antin for a Christmas market. It turned out to be in a private garden which was absolutely fantastic!

It wasn’t your usual ‘open to the public’ landscape of manicured lawns and trimmed hedges. The garden was in a valley so was quite steep, and the word eclectic is best used to describe its slightly erratic layout. The owners are hugely artistic and the garden is strewn with all kinds of sculptures, carvings and models. Rhys totally loved it! We absolutely recommend a visit.

If your French is up to scratch, click here for some more info on Jardin d’Antin.

The oil diffuser jewellery turned out to be a bestseller on the day, and I hope those gifts were enjoyed!

We will definitely look to go back in 2019, and I hope the market is better attended than it was in 2018. It is such a shame when hosts put on such great events, and stallholders put in such effort, only for attendance to be so low. Everybody who did go really enjoyed it, so let’s spread the word for 2019!

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