‘Design your Own’ Gemstone Pendant Necklace


Classic and elegant pendant necklace featuring a sparkly faceted gemstone on a Sterling silver chain. The perfect everyday jewellery in a large variety of stones; which is your favourite?


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Select your favourite gem from the extensive list of precious and semi-precious stones. Cut with a facet, they are all beautifully clear and sparkly oval gemstones in a 925 Sterling silver setting. See below for details of colour and size of the available gems.

You can also select your favourite style of Sterling silver setting.

Approx 18″ / 45cm long ‘Princess’ necklace on a silver chain. This style is designed to sit on or just below the collar bone, and the pendant will drop a little lower.

All UK sourced 925 Sterling silver findings with a bolt clasp.

Collection: the Jackie Kennedy

Note: due to the cost of these precious gemstones, your choice will be sourced to order from my trusted UK supplier and the necklace made by hand. Therefore please allow 1-2 weeks for your jewellery to be shipped.

There are a variety of matching earrings available, see below for details.

Available Gemstones

Amethyst: deep and luxurious purple. Always a bestseller and every purple-lovers favourite!

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Aquarius or Pisces

Aquamarine: pale blue sparkly stone, available in a very delicate A quality stone, or a B quality which still has a lovely colour but does display some natural inclusions.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Pisces or Aries

Blue Chalcedony: a sky blue stone with a lovely translucent glow.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Sagittarius

Carnelian: a lovely bright orange colour cut with a facet for added sparkle.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Leo or Aries

Citrine: bright sunshine yellow through to warm golden tones.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Leo or Scorpio

Emerald: beautiful grassy green precious gems that vary from clear to cloudy. Emeralds are rarely flawless and the inclusions only add to the character of each stone.

6x4mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Taurus

Garnet: wonderful wine-red coloured gemstones with a deep sparkle (featured in main images).

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Capricorn or Aquarius

Green Agate: beautiful milky green gems that have a lovely quality.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Gemini

Iolite: beautiful violet-blue tones which can vary from pale to dark.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Pisces

Labradorite: a stunning stone with flashes of greens and blue, in the same family as Moonstone. The cut of each facet gives you a flash of striking colour as you move it in the light.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Libra

Lapis Lazuli: ranging from rich, royal blue to deep navy, these are often speckled with sparkly gold pyrite. This is a beautiful stone with a luxurious look.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Capricorn or Virgo

Opal: clear and sparkly Welo opals with flashes of green, blue, red and ultra-violet.

7x5mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Libra

Peridot: beautiful, vibrant spring green gems which sparkle in the light.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Leo

Pink Amethyst: a beautiful delicate lilac colour making a really precious and special pendant. When viewed in sunlight the cut facets scatter the light across the surface and create a beautiful sparkle.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Aries, Aquarius or Pisces

Pink Tourmaline: the most popular of the Tourmalines, this stone ranges from hot and dark to pale salmon pink.

7x5mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Libra or Scorpio

Rainbow Moonstone: Each facet has been carefully hand cut giving them extra sparkle which emphasises their blue and iridescent colours.

8x6mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Cancer or Gemini

Ruby: precious stone with beautiful hues of pinkish red.

6x4mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Cancer

Sapphire: intense midnight blue precious stones.

7x5mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Virgo

Tanzanite: delicate blue with a stunning sparkle. Tanzanite is fast becoming rare due to the fact that it can only be extracted from a very small area near the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa.

6x4mm oval stone.

Birthstone: Sagittarius

All metal findings, chains, clasps and earring hooks are the finest 925 Sterling silver, sourced from the UK. Unless stated otherwise.

Due to the nature of handmade, your jewellery may be slightly different to that in the images, however the essential design will be the same.

The materials I use are entirely natural, with differing shapes, sizes and colours. Some may have small natural inclusions or be more segmented with patches of differing hues, meaning that each is beautifully unique.

Don’t forget that in buying from BeeJewelled not only are you getting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery made with care and attention by hand, but you are also helping to save the bees and, in turn, our Earth! Thank you.

This jewellery is entirely made by hand and will be shipped carefully packaged in a lovely organza bag for easy storage or gifting.

If an item is out of stock but you love it, please email queen-bee@bee-jewelled.co.uk and I'll do my best to recreate it especially for you.


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