Closeup: the Helen Keller Necklace Collection

This January, I am drawing attention to my Helen Keller collection, and to one piece in particular. Haematite is a birthstone associated with those born under the sign of Aquarius (20th Jan to 18th Feb), and this necklace is the jewel in my haematite crown.

It’s a one of a kind and features bright Silver haematite in smooth graduated Haematite, interspersed with shiny black Onyx. As with all in the Helen Keller collection, it is a half beaded necklace, also known as a ‘bib’ necklace. The gems make up the central focal point, sitting at the base of the throat, on a Silver chain.

Many of the Helen Keller pieces are one offs, which means you’ll be wearing something which not another soul on the planet will wear! They are the perfect necklace for when you want something a little special and out of the ordinary. They’re also not too extravagant, making them excellent for day-wear.

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