Who is the Queen Bee?

My name is Freya and as this is my first blog post I feel I should tell you a little about who I am. Now I am more than halfway through my 30s I feel like I finally have something to say on the matter!

  • I adore food
  • I am impatient though I strive to let things wash over me
  • My son is my world
  • I drive too fast
  • I am getting less tolerant of rudeness and ignorance as I get older
  • I’m an oxymoron
  • I love twinkling crystal
  • I’m really glad you’re here!

In a nutshell, I am a hard working single mum with a full time computer-type job and this lovely little business. BeeJewelled came about from a desire to do something productive with my creativity, and a chance to have a positive impact on the environment, if only in a small way. I do donate at least 10% of my sales to saving the bumblebees, and if you wish to donate too you can do so by clicking here.

Here I am with my little man!

I’m sure you are like me and share my passion for jewellery – I have far too much of it, but creating it is a wonderful thing. It’s my therapy! I thoroughly enjoy learning about the gemstones and sourcing the best pearls, and most of all I love creating the designs. I take my inspiration from all over but mostly I start with colour. Trained as an interior designer, I have an eye for colour and am totally inspired by it. But creating a gorgeous piece of jewellery is also about getting the right balance of light, size and texture.

Once I started creating I realised how much I love working with crystal, it’s such a versatile material and really adds some sparkle without too much bling! My designs are my own and I create what I feel with whatever I can source at the time.

My plan is to create unique pieces so that you can wear something which is totally you. Something which you can put on knowing that not only will it turn heads, but that you are the only person on the face of the planet wearing it! No mass production, no chance of bumping into somebody else with exactly the same accessories! I am also very open to creating bespoke items, so if you have a design that you want to see come to life, I’d be delighted to help you. Email me.

My time is more spent on the gems and the designs that on writing, however if you follow my blog you’ll find out some interesting stuff about gemstones which you may not already know. You are also very likely to get your hands on discount vouchers, free postage offers, and all that good stuff!

See you soon,
Freya (Queen Bee)

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