Onyx & Blue Jade Bracelet


Pale blue Jade is paired with glossy black Onyx and pops of silver.

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The Onyx beads are a lovely smooth oval shape, and densely black as Onyx is known for.  The Jade is a very pale and delicate blue.  It’s slightly translucent and could easily be mistaken for Aquamarine.  The bracelet is finished with little Tibetan silver beads and a silver-tone lobster clasp for an easy to wear everyday piece of jewellery.

Approx 8.5″ / 21.5cm long.

Sizes are approximate.  Measure your wrist and purchase the size up.  If you like your gemstone bracelet loose, buy one the next size up.  If you would like an extender chain of approx 1/2″ adding, please mention it in the Order Notes box when you checkout.


Birthstone: Onyx – Cancer, Capricorn, Leo or Sagittarius; Jade – Aries or Pisces

Good for: fending off negativity, coping with grief, attracting abundance

All BeeJewelled gemstone bracelets are named after fiesty and compassionate Goddesses across the mythologies!

In the Odyssey, Calypso was a nymph who lived on the island of Ogygia.  When Odysseus’ journey took him there, she fell in love with him.  She kept him prisoner and wanted to keep him for her husband.  She used her powers to enchant him as she wove, keeping him under her spell for most of the time he was on the island.  While Odysseus may have wanted to go home, he certainly didn’t make much of an effort to leave on his own.

She was eventually ordered to let him go.  Not only did she do so but, in a manner quite different to your average spurned god, she was kind to Odysseus.  Not only did she release him, but she also gave him supplies so he could complete his journey home.

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