How to Hook a Bracelet On Your Own

Doing a bracelet up on your own can be so frustrating! Here’s a simple trick, and all you need is a paperclip. First, grab one end of the paperclip and unfold it.

Hook one end of the clip through the ring of your bracelet.

Bring your bracelet around the outside of your wrist and put the clip in your palm. Fold your fingers over and hold it steady.

Use your other hand to open the clasp – I find it helpful to use the little finger of my ‘holding hand’ to keep the clasp steady while I open it. Clip it on to the ring.

And that’s it. Easy peasy!

A larger paperclip is easiest to use. Keep one in your handbag, one on your dressing table, and perhaps one in your wash-bag or suitcase for when you travel.

You can buy some good paperclips here.

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