Gemstone Jewellery for March Birthdays

Those born in March could be either a Pisces or an Aries, and both have the delicate and soothing Aquamarine as their main birthstone.

Aquamarine is a beautiful pale blue colour which invokes thoughts of calming water.  Sailors, and those who travelled by water, used this gemstone as a talisman for good luck, fearlessness and protection.  It is also the stone mermaids used to keep in treasure chests!  I’m not sure I believe that, but I do believe that it’s green and blue colours represent all the depths of the oceans, and the different life and energy therein.

It is said to being peacefulness, inner strength and courage to those who wear or carry it.  It will help the wearer connect with the natural energy and spirit of the beautiful ocean.  It is also valued as a symbol of youth and eternal happiness.  Many people who travel by, work on or live near water keep aquamarine stones or jewellery with them for protection and luck near the water.

Perhaps of use to many of you, this lovely stone’s soothing qualities make it a perfect companion for calming your nerves.  Wear it when you feel anxious about an upcoming event, or to help you go with the flow when dealing with the general hustle and bustle of modern life.

Here’s a few ways to use it:

  • in a heated moment, use it’s cooling energy to avoid letting hot-headed emotions lead your way
  • wear it as a necklace to keep its positive and happy vibes close to your heart
  • allow it’s cool and refreshing energy to reawaken a sluggish soul
  • use the stone to conjure up or remember images of the ocean in all it’s beauty and magic
  • wearing it can help you encourage self-respect and bring inner peace

Here is a selection of my Aquamarine jewellery:

diana bracelet larvikite and aquamarine 1
aquamarine hamsa sterling silver earrings handmade by beejewelled (5)
lapis and aquamarine calypso bracelet handmade by beejewelled (3)
diana bracelet amethyst and aquamarine 1

You can find more Aquamarine by doing a site search, or there are some alternative gems for March birthdays.

For Pisces folk, there are some gorgeous gems to choose from, namely Green Jade, Amethyst and Jasper.

Amethyst is a stone suitable for both Aries and Pisces.  It’s a wonderful healing stone and is such a pretty purple shade.  Among other benefits, it’s said to ease stress, anxiety and insomia, as well as being able to sooth headaches or migraines, relieve fears and instil a sense of hope in its wearer.  A truly miraculous stone!

Jade comes in all manner of colours but most famously green, and has been adorning Chinese palaces for thousands of years.  It was valued not only for its beauty, but also for its powers of protection and healing.  It is cool to the touch and is known for its calming qualities.  It has been used through the ages for its ability to harmonise dysfunctional relationships, and is an amulet of good luck and friendship.

Jasper is a dense, opaque, microcrystalline variety of Quartz, and a natural artistic masterpiece.  I’ve read it described perfectly on Crystal Vaults as having “the unique artistry of Jasper is that of Nature itself – golden sunshine, a nighttime sky, poppy fields or a deep green forest, desert sands, the undulating ocean, red rock canyons, sweeping mountains.  Each stone is a masterpiece of the Creator, bold and primitive in style, solid and earthy in form, with a warm, harmonious energy that resonates with the primal self.”

This elemental Earth stone’s frequency is slow and constant, aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the planet.  It is known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” being a stone of grounding and stability to give comfort and security, strength and healing.  It balances the aura to bring peace and a sense of completeness, acting as a reminder that one is not alive simply for oneself, but to bring joy and substance to others.

This is my Pisces collection:

For Aries folk, there are some gorgeous gems to choose from, as well as Aquamarine, Amethyst and Jade.

Jasper, in particular, red Jasper, is said to be helpful to Aries folk who can find it challenging to think before they act.  Red Jasper or Poppy Jasper, grounds you to promote thought before action.  It is believed it can help you to take a breath and think about the consequences before you act.

Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold.  It is a lovely dark golden colour, with a slight green tint, and is weighty in your hand.  It’s also said to be a handy gem for an Aries to wear, especially if you often find yourself starting projects, but not always completing them.  Having some pyrite in your environment brings persistence, motivation and willpower.  Wear it to work and it may help to maximize your potential and remind you to take action.

Carnelian is a fiery orange-red colour which is slightly translucent.  Its bold colour resonates with your passion and vitality and will support your natural leadership qualities.  Use it to highlight your fiery personality and add a little spice to your life!  Be warned that it can be over-stimulating for some Aries, bringing out their more self-absorbed side, so pair it with some Clear Quartz to tone down the effect.

Quartz is calming and soothing, and for Aries it will help to bring out your thoughtfulness and consideration for other people.  It will shy you away from your selfish tenancies.

Rose Quartz is another powerful one of the Aries crystals, bringing tranquil, gentle and soothing vibrations.  As for everyone, not just Aries, this tender pink stone can help to open your heart to unconditional love and peace, bringing an uplifting vibration to all your relationships.  Wear it as a necklace over your heart to promote the tolerance of others and encouraging unselfish love to yourself.


This is my Aries collection:

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