‘Design your Own’ Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings


Sparkly drop earrings featuring genuine faceted Cubic Zirconia stones on handmade Sterling silver ear wires. Pick your favourite colour from my extensive list.


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After the success of the CZ studs, these drop earrings on hand-crafted earwires are an alternative option.

They are simple, elegant and will last you for years, and feature Cubic Zirconia stones which are utterly beautiful yet affordable. Cubic zirconia is a man-made stone and the colourless uncoated variety is one of the most popular diamond simulants due to its clarity and incredible sparkle.

Cut with a facet, they are all beautifully clear and sparkly 5mm round stones. Set by hand in a sleek Sterling silver setting which allows as much light as possible to pass through the stone, allowing them to shine and twinkle to great effect. They can also be set in a classic 4-prong claw setting, as shown in the images with a stunning clear CZ.

Select your favourite colour from the list of stones. The earrings in the images feature stunning Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia stones.

Note: Due to the cost of sourcing these gemstones, I only keep a handful in stock, therefore yours may be sourced to order and the earrings made by hand. Therefore please allow 1-2 weeks for your earrings to arrive, and you will be notified by email.

Available Stones

Amethyst: These amethyst coloured cubic zirconia have a beautiful purple colour and incredible sparkle and clarity.

Black: These midnight black cubic zirconia gems are truly dramatic, with a dense opaque true black colour, not often seen in a faceted cut. They have an incredibly bright, eye-catching mirror finish, reminiscent of the sheen of black diamonds (though without the price tag!).

Blue Topaz: These are the most amazingly bright blue topaz coloured cubic zirconia. A great way to inject some vivid colour into your outfit!

Champagne: Beautiful sparkling champagne coloured cubic zirconia which is like caramelised sugar in colour. It really twinkles in the light and has a look similar to a champagne diamond.

Clear: Cubic zirconia is the finest diamond simulation due to its flawless clarity and incredible sparkle.

Emerald: Stunning emerald green coloured cubic zirconia gems, these stones have a deep vibrant colour and excellent sparkle.

Garnet: Beautiful deep red coloured cubic zirconia gemstones which imitate well the natural colour of garnet but with the added incredible sparkle that cubic zirconia are known for.

Rainbow Glow: These fantastic cubic zirconia have an iridescent coating that flashes beautiful rainbow colours with movement in the light.

Sapphire: Lovely deep blue coloured cubic zirconia, which imitates the deep colour and sparkle in natural sapphires.

Tanzanite: These beautiful cornflower blue cubic zirconia gemstones capture the colour of tanzanite beautifully.

All metal findings, chains, clasps and earring hooks are the finest 925 Sterling silver, sourced from the UK. Unless stated otherwise.

Due to the nature of handmade, your jewellery may be slightly different to that in the images, however the essential design will be the same.

The materials I use are entirely natural, with differing shapes, sizes and colours. Some may have small natural inclusions or be more segmented with patches of differing hues, meaning that each is beautifully unique.

Don’t forget that in buying from BeeJewelled not only are you getting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery made with care and attention by hand, but you are also helping to save the bees and, in turn, our Earth! Thank you.

This jewellery is entirely made by hand and will be shipped carefully packaged in a lovely organza bag for easy storage or gifting.

If an item is out of stock but you love it, please email queen-bee@bee-jewelled.co.uk and I'll do my best to recreate it especially for you.


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