Aquamarine & Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


This Diana bracelet is for the fan of blue, and is perfect for a March baby!  It’s also the only one available.

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Across the middle is a strand of smooth round Lapis Lazuli.  It’s a deep inky blue, flecked with gold, and it so pretty!  It is twinned with pale blue faceted beads of Aquamarine.  These are the classic aqua colour, slightly translucent and very delicate.  The stones are all quite small so this bracelet is light and easy and wear.

Silver-tone lobster clasp.

Approx 8″ / 20.3cm.

Sizes are approximate.  Measure your wrist and purchase the size up.  If you like your bracelet loose, buy one the next size up.  If you would like an extender chain of approx 1″ adding, please mention it in the Order Notes box when you checkout.


Birthstone: Aquamarine – Pisces or Aries; Lapis Lazuli – Capricorn or Virgo

Good For: combating anxiety or depression, soothing negative emotions such as grief or loneliness, keeping cool in moments of heat or stress

All BeeJewelled gemstone bracelets are names after fabulous Goddesses throughout the mythologies!

Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon and nature in Roman mythology, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals.  She was strong willed, capable and confident, just like this bracelet.

She was first believed to be the queen of the open sky in Italy.  She was to be only worshipped outside, in her domain.  She is known for her gracefulness and strength.  She very much encouraged athleticism in young girls; she is or was a great role model for young women.


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