Gemstones for April Birthdays

The traditional birthstone for the calendar month of April is diamond, and opal, white topaz, quartz crystal and sapphire have been added more recently.

More than being out of the reach of many pockets, diamonds also tend to leave a trail of conflict, blood, and environmental degradation behind them.  Thankfully, however, the Zodiac signs of Aries and Taurus which fall in April include several additional stones: quartz, bloodstone, topaz, jasper, coral, amber, turquoise, emerald, aventurine, and garnet.  Which is great news because it gives you so much more choice when it comes to finding the right gift!

You will find many of these in BeeJewels, especially Quartz or Quartz Agate.  Quartz is chosen for its clear colour and similarity to diamond.  Clear quartz, sometimes called rock crystal, has also been designated in Britain as a birthstone for April.  Quartz gemstones also come in coloured varieties, specific impurities in quartz’ crystal structure create yellow citrine gemstones or purple amethyst crystals.  Technically for it be an April birthstone it should be clear quartz, which is strikingly similar to diamond, however nobody will mind receiving a coloured Quartz Agate piece of jewellery for their birthday!

Known as the “Universal Crystal”, quartz is a popular and powerful stone. Metaphysically, quartz is thought to amplify, balance, store, focus, and transmit energy. It is also a stone of clarity, and can increase inspiration and creativity. It is also useful to improve concentration and retention of knowledge.  Even today the powerful vibrations of quartz crystals are used in electronics, crystal healing, and rituals.

I am also heavily into Turquoise in my designs, because it’s just so pretty!  It comes in all shapes and sizes, and is so beautifully cool and smooth.  It’s tactile and the colours vary, some are more green while others are more blue, and it can be used across a huge range of designs.  You can find lots in the shop by simply searching for the word turquoise, and you’ll find it paired with things like Silver and copper, Lapis Lazuli and Swarovski crystals.

When you think of jasper you tend to think of greens or reds, but how about this gorgeous fuchsia jasper!  The perfect stone for someone looking for a statement piece of jewellery.

I’ve also had a delivery of some pretty pink coral and rich red garnet beads, so stay tuned for more April jewellery.

Best wishes from the Queen Bee x

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